Batch rename is a method of renaming a large number of computer files and folders in one simple step. The batch renaming requires software, which is compatible for most operating systems. There are many application and software which have come in the market for batch renaming. In today's computerized world, use of batch rename has become very popular. Most of the companies use this application for renaming group of files in their system. Batch rename is mostly used for renaming photos on the digital camera. Batch rename offers various benefits and advantages.

It is helpful for adding up more interesting names to files such as photos from a digital camera which are often mechanically named by means of an enigmatic file naming convention. Batch rename helps to find string inside the file name and replace it with another, or remove it. It also extracts data or information from the files such as Mp3 ID3 tags, and putting it in the file name. It also adds a number sequence to a list of files. Using batch rename saves time and money. It also increases the efficiency of work and hence reduces the burden of the managerial staff. It makes work more easy and fast. This application can also perform other tasks such as extracting information or setting the capitalization of the letters in the filenames.