Categorizing a piece of writing is basically classifying written articles as per their topics or titles into existing categories. Categorizing a piece of writing such as an articles or essay would help companies or associations dealing with publications to get the piece of writing without much trouble of searching them through the website.

The categories are created as per the needs and requirements. Categorizing articles or essays will save money and also time. One can also easily put or upload the piece of writing into the website in the desired category. The company will save money as it only has to pay for the work done and will also save time as there is not a much need to do research for a piece of writing, as it is classified into different categories as per their subjects or topics. The work will be done efficiently as the time is not wasted for in research and looking out for the articles on the net, so the remaining time can be utilized for doing some other work. Categorization can be also used to find various data and records which could also be helpful for the company for better prospects and in making profit.