Online image search engines and sharing sites are popular means of searching for things on the internet. People can post their images of dinner on twitter, have their summer vacation spread across Facebook, or even add wonderful looking pieces of artwork to their online website. No matter what sort of pictures people want to promote, companies can offer web space for people to upload their pictures to the internet. This way people can keep hold of what pictures they need, and companies can use this tactic to allow people to post particular pictures in a given location. These companies can use the fact that other people may have quicker access to pictures than themselves, and that people can post these needed pictures to a given website. This means that the company's site will get a considerable extra amount of traffic to view or post the given pictures.

A solver may be commissioned to find a particular picture or theme of picture from various sources on the internet including Flickr and Google images. Firstly the task may entail finding a picture of a particular person or celebrity; it may however just involve finding a person in a certain pose or situation, or even just an object or landscape with a certain ambience. More vaguely the brief could just require the solver to find a picture with a certain mood or color scheme that would fit into the seekers piece of work. Finally the seeker may also be asked to find pictures that are royalty free or have specific creative commons licenses so that the seeker can use them for commercial purposes.