There are certain tasks that require a substantial amount of work performing dull activities. Researching bloggers who appear to have a certain type of specialization can be considered one of these cases for many people. Companies can use online websites like to allow people with more free time to do these tasks for them. This allows the company to not have to hire new individuals, which is especially important in these dire economic times. Moreover, companies can offer higher cash incentives to get certain projects accomplished. Once the pay seems reasonable enough, then the work will be adequate. If the pay rate is too low, it appears as if the company does not care about the worker and the work will be poor. Hence, if one wants to get a certain amount of people to research specialty bloggers adequately and carefully, then the compensation must be fair for his/her time.

A seeker could set a task for a solver that entails them searching out and contacting bloggers with expertise that are extremely specialized. The seeker could contact these experts on behalf of the seeker to get them to fulfill a highly technical task that not just anyone could do. However if the bloggers are un-contactable the solver could potentially withdraw all the information required from the most important and popular blogs and condense the information to note form and submit it to the seeker. The task may include listing the blogs, they could be ordered by size, relevance, frequency updated, unique visitor's reviews or even quality. Finally the solver may be required to monitor and update the list should any new and more important blogs surface.