Copy and paste application is basically, copying files from one location to another or to copy text and images from one document and paste to other document or location. One of the major reasons word processors became well known and widely used by people is that it has the capability to catch an entire section of text and move it to different locations, something typewriters cannot do. Every modern operating system and application has a copy and paste facility that is typically chosen from an Edit menu from the menu bar in Word.

The copy and paste job has made it very easy to move one thing from one location to the other. This application is very important for an organization whose data or statistics has to be entered or updated every day. Copy and paste job saves time and energy, as one does not have to type the same matter or data, if it is fed once in the computer. Copy and paste is very important tool in Word. Copy and paste also saves money as one does not have to spend on typing the whole matter all over again. It helps in increasing the efficiency and accuracy of work.