Creating a Professional Facebook Profile

Unless you've been hiding in the jungles of Africa, you must have heard about Facebook, if not used it. Facebook is one of the most popular and free-access social networking sites today and commands a huge membership. Facebook offers a great chance to interact with friends, associates and colleagues. It is an excellent medium to trace long lost school or college friends. One can add friends, send those messages and even update personal profiles to let friends know the latest about them.

For a long time now Facebook has been used more as an informal platform to connect with friends and a place for light banter and fun. But the use of Facebook has seen a marked change in recent times. The urge to use it for fun and banter is being replaced by the need to use the site for professional networking and increasing professional contacts. According to statistics provided by Facebook, it currently has 175 million active users. The number is mind boggling. Just imagine the immense networking prospects it presents. It would be a criminal waste of opportunity if one did not leverage one's Facebook account for professional growth.

Professional leverage with Facebook

To leverage Facebook's huge potential for professional growth, it would be prudent to first replace your current personal profiles with more professional versions. The casual photographs need to be moved out to give way to more decent and sober photographs. You would certainly want to make sure that your image is not tainted in the eyes of potential employers. Once you've re-worked your profile, try joining all of Facebook's groups. Search for alumni groups, groups of past places of work etc. Connect with as many acquaintances as possible. You never know who would be able to assist you in your current or future job search endeavors. In addition, by joining these groups, you expand your visibility to an exponentially larger group of people who are not officially ''friends'' on Facebook.

Business Advantages of Facebook

Social networking sites such as Facebook present a number of advantages for small as well as large businesses. Most important reason being these sites are free to join and extremely easy to use. It is extremely easy to create a profile for your business on Facebook or for that matter on any social networking site. Moreover, social networking sites have proven themselves practical and effective forms of advertising. It is an accepted fact today that Google, Yahoo and other search engines respect social networking sites much more and give them a much higher ranking. Facebook allows businesses to connect with both customers and other associated businesses. By linking to other businesses in the same or related fields, small businesses have the opportunity to form mutually beneficial alliances and cross promote.

Maintaining Facebook Profiles

It's all very well to be able to have Facebook promote your business and professional interests. But many a time, you may be in a dilemma as to how to create a professional profile. You need to remember that it is the profile which is the face of your business. In such a case it is best to hire a professional writer to do the job. A lot of freelance writers would be able to create exceptionally professional profiles for you at absolutely affordable rates. All you need to do is log on to any of such online sites which provide writers on hire and submit your request. You can quote the price you want to and get your work done to your satisfaction. You may also choose to hire a writer for regularly updating your profile based on information provided by you. The cost can be worked out accordingly.

Remember it is extremely essential for your business interests to have professional, well written profiles which represent you in proper light. And hiring freelance writers any days works out to be the most cost-effective solution. It also offers you budgetary flexibility.