Express yourself through letters

How many times have you had this massive fight with your spouse and have desperately wanted to apologize? Words however failed you. You did not know what to say. Were you able to pen your thoughts to her? Did that help?

How many times have you been in an absolute rage and have wanted to dish out the nastiest of thoughts, but did not have the courage to do so? Did you then vent your anger through a letter or email?

Most of us find it difficult to express in person our feelings, be it love, anger, gratitude or hate. And letting our feelings known, especially that of love is extremely important to nurture any relationship.

Letters can communicate your feelings in a relationship when you are afraid to express your feelings. Very often it is a much better way to communicate your feelings. Letters have proven time and again that they can help avoid an emotional confrontation. Some counselors advise couples in therapy to regularly write letters to each other so they can better communicate what might be difficult to say out loud.

All of us have heard of the famous love letters of Charles, the Duke of Orleans to his wife from the prison in the Tower of London. The letters were a huge solace as they helped his lovely wife fight her lonely days.

Love letters seem pretty old fashioned in today's world of telephones and SMSs, but taking the time to write down your true feelings to someone you love is a very sentimental and endearing way to express your heart.

And writing an expressive letter isn't really all that difficult. Think of all the lovely moments you have spent with the person. Think of the all the words that can express your feelings and pen them down. It really is that simple.

Yes, though it really is so simple, some people still find it difficult to lend words to their feelings. Try as they might they are unable to come up with the right words which can convey their feelings. I still remember my school days when a few people in our group were very much sought out to write love letters to their boyfriends. The girls doing this work were extremely good at it and would really come up with customized stuff for each candidate. The reward was a treat of ice creams or chocolates!

Even today, there are a lot of people who earn their living by writing out personal or professional emails or letters for people not so comfortable with words. They are available offline too. All you need to do is do a Google search for hire a letter writer and you can access all the details of these writers. And it is a win-win situation for both sides. While the writer makes money for his

or her efforts, the letter seeker gets customized letters which he or she can use by paying a little fee. And the emotional value of this letter is huge!