Web data extraction service is taking out of data from a website to a spreadsheet. This application takes amorphous data from web html pages and transfers it into planned records. It is one of the most sought after and popular applications in today's business market. The application is used to extract contact, emails, links and other information from the web or Internet, which can be used for the preparation of records and reports.

This application is used by various business organizations mainly to extract emails and contacts and reports which are necessary. This application, though simple to use, is tedious and monotonous and best sourced out to save on labor cost. It is flexible, as one can get any contents from any website, particularly those of database or record information from the dynamic websites. The data one gets after extraction is accurate and precise without any missing text.

This application is not resource hungry so there is no need to buy costly hardware and software system, no need to invest your invaluable time on running the software. The extractor can clip news articles, put up your own product catalog and can aggregate real estate information and gather financial data and profiles of companies.