Filter mailbox is a trouble-free and easy anti-spam tool that comes with some antivirus utilities. Filter mailbox classifies mails and sorts out most of the spam and potentially malicious attachments. In modern times computer has become a necessity and most of the transactions or agreements are made online through the use of mail. Filter mailbox is best for companies or organizations who conduct their deals and agreements online, and hence most of the transactions are made through e-mail.

Filter mailbox is suitable for those people who send and receive lots of mails daily as to avoid spam and viruses. Filter mailbox application is simple and effective against spam and viruses. This application separates attachments and scripts and can need approval keys for trusted correspondent or sender. The filter mailbox offers various benefits such as: it checks multiple email accounts and categorizes incoming mail it collects mail from trusted senders or that containing keyword as a spam can also filter mail directly at the POP server or Web-based email account, removing spam automatically.

The record of an authorized sender can be occupied by importing address books from many email clients. This application can be also used to defuse attachments, scripts, remote images and links in HTML messages.\