I love ShortTask! I developed ShortTask because there are hundreds of little tasks that I want done throughout the day that it is impossible for me to have employees do. My employees are overwhelmed with tons of other work. In addition, many of the tasks are so small that my employees do not want to do them. I worry about little tasks getting done and many of these little tasks are crucial to operating my business.

My company has hundreds of employees; however, by using ShortTask I have thousands of people helping me do various short tasks!!! I love this site!

The number of tasks I have done on ShortTask is almost limitless:
  • I can have people write articles for me.
  • I can have people make lists.
  • I can have people review sites.
  • I can have people spread the word about various companies I run.
  • I can have people do research.
  • I can have people troubleshoot various sites.
  • I can have people do search engine related work and link building.
  • I can have people do social network marketing.

My biggest use of ShortTask has been in link building and SEO work and also social networking. You can accomplish an incredible amount of work using ShortTask because there are thousands of little tasks you can do on the site that you simply cannot get done normally. The cumulative effect of getting all of these short tasks done is huge for your business.

I think the site is an incredible tool for me to get business done. There are hundreds of little short tasks I think about throughout the day and could benefit from having done. When I use ShortTask I do not have to worry about getting them done. I simply post a little task on the site and I know that my task will be completed. The tasks are always completed and they are always completed in a timely manner.

The best part is I do not have to have my own employees do the work. I can have others do the work wherever they may be. I do not have to worry about payroll taxes, office expenses, health insurance, and more. People using ShortTask do not call in sick and they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My tasks are getting done by people in my own city or in another part of the world. All of my tasks get done and I never have to worry about them. With ShortTask I have a small army working for me.

I just post tasks and they get done.

It is incredible how much money I can save, how much work I can get done, and how much can be accomplished using ShortTask. I can get all of my little projects done in one place and without worrying about how or when they can get done. In addition, I feel good knowing that I am giving work to people who want to do work. I love this idea.

There is so much opportunity out there for people to take advantage of. Here, anyone with an Internet connection can sign on and do work. People in Africa, Asia, and all across the world can make hundreds of dollars a day on ShortTask if they apply themselves. I think ShortTask is an incredible resource and something that is good for the people of the world. I think it is the future of how companies will get tons of small tasks done.

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