Proof Your Blog Before Posting

You may have written the best piece of your life. Good flow, appealing topic, clear thoughts... anybody would love to read your blog. But you could not hold your reader through even the second page.


Your blog was not proofed. One of the best ways to look unprofessional and miss out on important potential clients or readers is to post your blog without proofing.

If your blog is full of typos and grammar mistakes, people may dump it in a few seconds and may never come back to your blog. Even a single typo in your blog can put your company's credibility at stake. You need somebody to check your grammar, style, and spellings. Blogs reflect the face of your company. Any written material has to be proofed before submission. This is an absolute must even if written by the best of writers.

Why Proofing?

Blogs are basically created for two purposes:
  • Business growth
  • Personal interests

In both the cases you need to hold the interest of people. And if your postings are full of errors your credibility will never get established. Any written document needs proofing. Whether you have a large-scale business or a small business, proofreading is something you just cannot skip. All your documents have to be proofed and be absolutely error proof. If you're serious about your professional image, get someone else to proofread your brochures, website, letters and adverts. Especially if you are using a blog to market your business, it is absolutely must that your blogs are proofed. It is important to establish your credibility in the market.

Error- Free Writing

When you start writing a blog you continue writing as your thought flows. But this can never be your final draft.

Reread and Rewrite:
In order to be sure that your blog flows well and is without any error you will have reread and rewrite your blog several times.

Take opinion:
Sometimes your blog may read well to you but still it is a good idea to make your friend or colleague read it once. Getting feedback can add value to your blog.

Get it proofed:
Sometimes even after rewriting and rereading, it is possible that you miss out certain mistakes or grammatical errors. Even a single error can jeopardize your blog's credibility. Get your blog proofed by a professional if possible so that the final product is well-written, precise, and easy to read.

Professional Proofing:
A writer can never proof his own document. Because when he is writing he is closed to his own faults. Though this is ignored by many companies, it is a very important aspect in order to avoid being branded as an unprofessional and sloppy company. There are professional proofreaders available and it is their job. Don't try to do something which you are not qualified to do. Get your work proofed by a professional proofreader.

Looks like an Expensive Proposition?

No way. You don't have to hire expensive proofreaders to get your work done.

Hiring full time employees has its own problems and liabilities. The best and cheaper option would be to get your work done by freelancers. There are many freelancers available who are ready pick your job at your convenience and your rate. And the best part is that they are all available online. You don't have to get out of your office to look for these professionals. Just log on to some online service providers' sites and assign your task there. There are many such sites available.

So get going. Don't post any blog without proofing. Professionally proofed and edited blogs can add value to your company.