Information is most likely the biggest benefit Internet is offering. The Internet is an effective source of information. Just a single click on the internet can offer you a lot of information and data. For business organizations, Internet has become necessary for survival. All business is done through the Internet and hence extraction of required and useful links from the internet is very important for any business organization.

Extraction of links is done with the help of some software, which extracts links from the web. The links can be extracted to the spreadsheet in order to save it to the computer. With the provided links in the spreadsheet organizations or individuals can easily go to the website, without wasting any time in searching it. It saves time and also money as one should not have to pay for searching the links again and again on the net. It also helps in increasing the efficiency of work. With the provided link the company or organization can easily get the required information or data which would help in better gains and profits of the company. This application can also help in extracting contacts and emails.