In today's world all the companies work in word processing Word processing is one of the most important applications that is used by most of the business organizations for processing data. The word processing application offers incredible advantages.

One of the core advantages of word processing is that one can make alterations without retyping the entire document or the text. If one makes a typing error, than one can simply back up the cursor and correct the mistake. If you want to delete a section, one has to just simply remove it, without leaving a trace. It is very easy to insert a word, sentence, or paragraph in the middle of a document. Word processors also make it simple to move paragraphs of the text from one place to another within a document, or between documents.

And hence the companies can easily get the new document without typing the alteration. Using this application can save time, money and energy. And hence it is one of the most important applications that are found in every operating system. One can also format and add pictures into the application. It also allows one to take a hard copy of the typed material.